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Miracle Learning Centre Maths Tuition Introduction

Miracle Learning Centre Maths Tuition Introduction

Since eternity, Maths has been the most unpopular subject among the students. It has been dividing the students into two groups. One group loves Maths and finds it to be a very scoring subject and on the other hand, the second group finds it to be very tough and gets nightmares while just even hearing the name of the subject.

Miracle Learning Centre offers primary maths tuition and secondary school maths tuition as well as JC maths tuition. Secondary school maths includes secondary one to secondary four for normal, express and IP streams. We provide maths tuition to various levels and streams.

There are many topics in maths for example, algebra, angle properties, rate, speed, time, financial transactions. For secondary one maths, angle properties, speed, introduction to graphs and algebra. For secondary two there is factorisation, ratio, proportion, scales and maps, congruency and similarity.

Maths tuition is necessary for students who need help if they are failing, and for those who want to improve and ACE the Maths subject. Miss Tan, a Maths teacher at Miracle Learning Centre, is a very experienced teacher who can explain concepts very clearly. Students have given her very good reviews. She is able to explain maths concepts clearly. Her maths students have improved tremendously after having maths tuition. Maths tuition will save you a lot of time and trouble trying to figure things out on your own especially when the right help is given. Miss Tan has vast teaching experience and was an ex-school teacher at Maris Stella High.

Maths tuition for upper secondary includes O level A Maths and E Maths tuition, and IP Maths tuition. Some students face difficulties while learning mathematics and maths tuition can provide help for those who are weaker in maths as well as those who are very strong in maths to help them ace the subject. A good Maths Teacher’s explanation can enlighten a student to the confusing Maths concepts and then the bewildered student can move forward and face more challenging Maths tuition questions. Maths Teachers at Miracle Learning Centre are dedicated, passionate and will do their utmost to help your child.

Primary school maths tuition is also out forte. Primary school maths tuition at Miracle Learning Centre teaches the basic concepts right up to difficult challenging problems that is needed for the primary school leaving examination(PSLE Maths). We have systematic worksheets which are carefully drafted by our teachers. They have increasing level of difficulty. Students will be able to grasp the concepts gradually as they learn and progress with the centre. Primary school maths tuition will help students understand maths concepts and be able to apply maths calculations more effectively.

Our maths tuition worksheets consists of problem sums that have been categorised into different methods of problem solving. Students are taught step by step methods and how to interpret problem sums to solve them easily. After the students have been familiarised with the various methods, we will expose them on how to incorporate the various methods into more challenging problem sums. By starting with a gradual step by step approach, Miracle Learning Centre’s primary school Maths tuition worksheets progress to challenging problem sums. All the maths topics are covered in Miracle Learning Centre’s Primary Maths tuition syllabus. The coverage is comprehensive and include topics like percentage, volume, decimals, fractions, whole numbers and many more. All students have the ability to do it and it takes time. Join us now. Call 6463 8756 now!

Join our innovative courses of secondary maths tuition, primary mathematics tuition, JC maths tuition and increase your grades within just a few days.