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04 Feb Miracle Science Tuition

Science is the subject by which you can investigate, understand and get explanations about our natural, physical world and the wider universe. It includes generating and testing ideas, gathering evidence, making observations, carrying out investigations and debating with others to develop scientific knowledge. Science has been working as the catalyst behind the advancement of human civilization. Science can be stated as the most important subject in the world and it is really important to study it as it overlaps with a lot of other subjects and has a lot of branches and sub-branches which create the path for many professions.

Science demands the curiosity of the learners. Students need to question the various explanation of Science in order to learn the subject better. At our Science classes, we implement a lot of things which makes them unique than all the others. Our teachers teach Science through various games, puzzles, videos, presentations, and models which makes our classes exciting and fun. With more curiosity to learn new things, students learn Science with more concentration and score more marks with fewer efforts.
We offer innovative courses in secondary science tuition, primary science tuition, IP science tuition in Singapore.

At Miracle Learning Centre, our forte is Science tuition. We have many experienced and knowledgeable science tuition teachers who will guide the students in achieving good grades in the school exam. The science tuition teacher will first explain the science concepts, then go through the exercises, give out worksheets for the students to do and correct their mistakes, and last but not least to remember what has been taught. We have specially designed student notes and worksheets of varying difficulty and topics. We also go through science ten-year series and other school exam papers. We intentionally keep our class size very small. Eight to a class for most classes. Four to a class for Secondary two. This will ensure that the tuition teacher will be able to cater to the needs of the individual students. We will teach more to the more advanced students and adjust accordingly for the weaker students. We try to group students from the same school in the same class. We also have videos for the students who need to revise certain topics which they still do not understand or remember. Our science tuition teachers often go beyond the class time slot to help students who need further coaching. Do not just take our word for it, go to our website miraclelearningcentre.com to see the students’ testimonials.