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Chemistry Tuition Question On Mole

05 May Chemistry Tuition Question On Mole

13        Which quantity is the same for one mole of ethanol and one mole of ethane?


A          mass

B          number of atoms

C          number of molecules

D          volume at r.t.p.



14        On combustion, which fuel never produces pollutants?


A          diesel

B          hydrogen

C          methane

D          petrol


15        The apparatus shown was set up with 100 cm3 volume of air in the tube.

The volume of gas in the tube was measured at intervals for six days.


Which graph best represents how the volume of gas changes with time?chemistry_tuition_q

16        Which compound, when added to aqueous iron(II) sulfate, takes part in a redox reaction?


A          ammonia

B          barium chloride

C          acidified potassium dichromate(VI)

D          sodium hydroxide





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