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13 May New But Old

Chemistry is rich in facts and the facts are exactly what makes the subject so interesting. Chemistry tuition becomes intriguing when taught with the aid of such important pieces of information. Students are so busy with the other subjects, they have little attention to pay to the life hacks that the subject offers. This can help the people in the long run or just provide them with an extra bit of knowledge. Did you know when you try to light a match, it’s not the matchstick that starts the process? Instead, it is done by the box. The head of the matchstick contains potassium chlorate and sulfur. On the other hand, the matchbox is coated with phosphorous. When the head rubs against the coating, the coating turns into white phosphorous. The moment the white phosphorous comes in contact with the air, it immediately catches fire. This, in turn, ignites the sulfur on the matchstick and breaks the potassium chlorate down. Thereafter, the wood on the matchstick catches fire. Is that not perspective changing? If you keep a fruit in pure Nitrogen then the fruit is going to sustain for two straight years without freezing. The atmosphere that the fruit is introduced to slows down the process of decay and oxidation of the fruit. Another interesting fact for you all, when the gallium element takes the form of metal – it can melt in the room temperature since its melting point is 29.8°C. Moreover, if you decide to count the number of atoms in a bucket – you would find that the total number of atoms are more than the number of buckets that are in all the oceans of the world.

Lightning strikes produce Ozone, hence the characteristic smell after lightning storms. Ozone acts as a protective stratospheric blanket against ultraviolet rays and is created in nature by lightning. When it strikes, the lightning cracks oxygen molecules in the atmosphere into radicals which reform into ozone. Did you know that glass is actually a liquid which flows very very slowly? Being neither liquid, nor solid, explaining glass is a lot harder than anything. The molecules inside a glass move at a very slow rate that it’s barely perceptible.

Chemistry tuition becomes interesting when the complexities are accompanied with such facts to keep the zeal of the student as high as possible – and that is exactly what we do. At our innovative course of A level chemistry tuition, O level chemistry tuition, JC chemistry tuition students are taught by the best Chemistry teachers of Singapore by various facts, models, analogies, presentations, and videos.