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Is Online Tutoring the Ultimate Solution to Mathematical Studies?

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Is Online Tutoring the Ultimate Solution to Mathematical Studies?

Mathematics is one of the most prominent subjects all over the world. It features in almost every educational curriculum in every country. Mathematics has proven to be very essential in scientific development, medical research, and even day to day life which all require a certain level of mathematics knowledge to run smoothly. This shows just how essential it is for every individual to have a basic understanding of mathematics.

The subject has, however, proven to be very difficult for most people to grasp mathematical concepts as evidenced in semi-developed countries such as South Africa’s in the 2019 National Seniors Certificate results where only 54% of the candidates managed to pass the exam yet the exam pass mark was only 30%. This means that about 46 % of the candidates failed to correctly answer 30% of the examination questions. Such trends are quite common all over the globe, especially in semi-developed countries that are yet to fully adopt online learning options to maximize education time.

Countries that are still experiencing these disturbing results have often posed questions such as; what are other countries doing that we are not? what should we do to stop the decline? The answer is right in front of us; online tutoring!

Online Mathematics Tutoring.

Online Mathematics tutoring is generally defined as using digital tools to deliver Mathematics lessons over the internet. The advent of the internet has made it relatively easier to share information and it would be a folly not to take advantage of it educationally. Online maths tutoring has made it relatively easier for students to connect with experts from any part of the world, especially the Asian region which is popular for mathematical ingenuity. If this digital tool is harnessed well, the Mathematics pass rate will not only stop declining but we will eventually see an upsurge in the number of students passing the subject. Online tutoring has quite a number of advantages listed below, all of which further indicates the need to push for the promotion of this mind-blowing initiative.

  •       Convenience

Geography has always been an academic challenge and, having been a student once I can bear testimony of how painful it is to travel a long distance to do a Mathematics lesson. The experience is not just painful but also time-consuming. Time has really been a scarce resource especially with how extensive most modern curriculums are. Online tutoring allows you to log in from anywhere in the world and get access to the best tutors the internet can offer without the hustle of traffic or public transport.

  •       Easy and Repetitive Access

The concept of online tutoring offers the best in terms of convenience, physical tutoring has always been difficult with tutors sometimes getting caught up in other commitment and failing to pitch up online tutoring can use the concept of pre-recorded lectures that you can pause, fast forward and rewind, that is the academic dream right there. You can repeat the lectures as often as you like just to aid in the process of understanding the concepts. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us how the orthodox methods of learning can be disrupted within minutes, unlike online tutoring where at all times social distancing is practiced a little too well.

  •       Language-Barrier Workaround

Language has since time immemorial been a barrier to education especially with subjects like mathematics. Online tutoring does not entirely solve the problem but it goes a long way in bridging the language gap. The use of services like Google Translator has proven useful in enabling individuals of different languages to share academic information. To make the experience even better some sites have digital libraries available on their sites for further study.

As we wind up, online tutoring might not be perfect due to constraints like unavailability of internet services and shortage of technological tools to harness it but it is the next best thing to perfection. If used with the already available resources, it might prove to be quite the ultimate solution to effective mathematics tuition across the globe.