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Organic Chemistry/Naming

Organic Chemistry/Naming

The elements in the periodic table have been named in a very interesting manner. If we look into the way in which they are named, it is going to make it easier for us to remember their names, origins and the properties. These are the tricks that we make use of during our Chemistry Tuition classes in order to help the students to get a grip on the concepts that they are introduced to in the classrooms.

Let us get to some of the elements and how have they been named. Did you know that Helium was first found on the Sun? The scientists conducted a spectral analysis and it led to the discovery of the element. It was later that we found the same element on Earth. It was named after Helios – the personified version of the Sun according to the Greek mythology. On the other hand, Argon got its name from the properties it displayed. It is an inert element; thus, it got called by the name “Argon” which means inactive in the Greek language. However, despite being inert – the element is extensively being used to provide an inert atmosphere in various spaces.

A fun fact about how Plutonium got its name – it was thought of to be the last element, so it got that name. However, soon after – Pluto lost its status as a planet and various other elements were added to the periodic table.

Once I begin to introduce you to the properties of these elements – you would remember each one of them. This is certain to happen because you have been presented with a fact that you have been accustomed to since a very long time but have not met with – in the manner our Chemistry tuition is going to acquaint you with it.

Organic chemistry is the study of living things in which it takes a look at what composes the living things, and how they are structured. Organic chemistry not only breaks down living things into organs seen in organisms but it breaks down those organs into atoms and molecules. Organic Chemistry mainly focuses on carbon which is highly essential to maintain life. Organic chemistry is important because the vital biological molecules in living systems are largely organic compounds and nearly all commonly used plastics are prepared from organic compounds. But many students find this branch of Chemistry to be extremely difficult to understand and avoid it. But we believe that it is the silliest way to deal with Chemistry. We have the best in class faculty of Singapore and together with them, we have created the most innovative courses of A level chemistry tuition, O level chemistry tuition, JC chemistry tuition in Singapore where you can easily clear all your doubts.