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Introduction To Organic Chemistry

Introduction To Organic Chemistry

Chemistry is a subject which is hated by students because they find it to be very boring and bland. There is undoubtedly various complex topic in Chemistry which makes the students always trying to avoid it. As vast as the study of the subject is, the branches of chemistry are undeniably complex as well. The first of the lot, Organic Chemistry is the study of chemical compounds consisting predominantly of carbon and hydrogen. It includes the study of plastics, study of pharmaceutical (medicines), fuels etc. It exhibits living objects, such as the photosynthesis process in a leaf. Other examples include the hair conditioner to soften the hair, the study of XRAY diffraction.

As mentioned above, organic chemistry is as vast a subject of its own. It consists of 5 branches. The subdivisions involve the study of ketons, hydrocarbons (alkanes and alkenes) and alcohol.

organic chemistry

Stereochemistry- It is the 3-dimensional setting of atoms and molecules and the impact it has on various chemical reactions.

Medicinal Chemistry- As the name suggests, medicinal chemistry is the collaboration of new components for new and effective drugs.

Organometallic Chemistry: Is the study of chemical compounds that inhibit a bond between an organic molecule and a metal.

Physical chemistry: Links the theories of physics to chemicals in order to study the chemical reactions that come through. For example: the reaction of nitric acid when it encounters contact with wood. Polymer Chemistry: It focuses on the chemical and physical properties of polymers and macromolecules (combination of large molecules).

Organic chemistry is introduced as a Major course at a medical university when the student opts for Chemistry as the specialization. There is chemistry tuition that tutor students into gaining a wider perspective of this branch of Organic chemistry. Not just physical chemistry tuition, tutors are available online as well to guide and provide a better perspective by showcasing experimental videos on platforms such as Youtube and Britannia. One can have several career options upon completing the course of organic chemistry.

Organic Chemistry is a hard subject to understand but it is again a very important subject to learn as there are various uses of organic chemistry in many career streams. Our best in class faculty members always ensures that they can provide the simplest lessons for all the complex topics of Chemistry and they make sure that every student feels excited about the subject.
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