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Overview of Chemistry

13 May Overview of Chemistry

Chemistry is the study of material interactions. Its scope ranges from fundamental particles to macro-level changes in material properties, reactions of different matters, destruction of old materials and formation of new ones.

To know physical and chemical behavior of something, we must understand fundamental particles, atom, and molecules as well as their behavior under different conditions. In such a scenario, chemistry tuition can be highly effective if it follows a sequence of incoming topics.

Additionally, chemistry has some overlapping topics with physics such as the study of energy. At first, one should be made clear of physical and chemical properties.The best way to understand element properties is to use periodic table effectively. The fundamental structures of atoms, molecules, molecular forces, subatomic energies, electrons, protons, neutrons, charge, fundamental forces, fundamentals of chemical bonding are to be well understood. Chemical reactions are the process of breaking older bonds and formation of new bonds, subsequently new materials. The materials show diverse physical and chemical behavior, at different conditions and at presence and absence of different factors such as heat, light, electricity, pressure and different materials. A rate of chemical changes also depends on these factors. Study of metals and their physical and chemical behavior is of tremendous importance, especially transition metals that can produce colorful compounds. Most of the big structures in the world are made of metals or supported by metallic skeletons, so erosion and corrosion studies also require high priority. Different types of acids and bases, toxic materials, explosives, all kinds of drugs (medicinal or illegal ) are inside the border of chemistry. The new invention of polymers and other organic materials has added to the speed of advancement of the world. Medical science and fundamental biology, biotechnology involves a vast application of chemistry, manufacturing industry or petroleum field is impossible without a proper understanding of chemistry. Chemistry is such a branch of science that is closely related to life, in fact, life itself is a chemical form probably.

Thus, our teachers at chemistry tuition know the treasures of chemistry and motivate new disciples to contribute to the advancement of chemical studies to reach humanity and human civilization to a happy and affluent future.

Chemistry is a subject which is often branded by students as bland and boring. There are again some critical topics in Chemistry which forces students to avoid the subject. But Miracle Learning Centre wants to put an end to this practice and aims to make every student achieve success in their respective academic fields.

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