Periodic table questions (practice)

05 May Periodic table questions (practice)

5          In the Periodic Table, how many periods include the elements of atomic numbers 1-18?


A          2                                              B          3

C          6                                              D          8

6          The diagram shows a simple laboratory apparatus for the preparation and collection of a dry gas.


What is the gas?


A          carbon dioxide

B          chlorine

C          hydrogen

D          hydrogen chloride




7          Solid ammonium chloride decomposes on heating according to the following equation.


Which change occurs to the damp red litmus paper in the experiment above?


A          remains red

B          turns blue and is then bleached

C          turns blue and remains blue

D          turns blue and then turns red


8          The table gives the properties of four substances.

Which substance is a solid metal at room temperature?


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