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How Does Air Conditioning Work ?

How Does Air Conditioning Work ?

In today’s physics tuition we will cover an interesting story that may have come into your mind. We all know about air-conditioners or AC machines that keep our self cool on a hot and humid day. How the AC machine able to cool an entire room or even a complete building or a shopping mall? Have this question ever came in your mind? How this is at all possible? Do you want to know the answer from your physics tuition? In today’s physics tuition, we will find answers to this interesting question and see how an air-conditioner keeps you cool in a hot day.

The air-conditioner is an electrically operated machine through which the houses, laboratories and industries can be kept cool during summer and warm during winter. It not only controls the temperature, but also regulates the humidity.

In general, the air-conditioner keeps the temperature between 20 degree celsius and 25 degree celsius and the relative humidity around 30 to 50 percent. An air-conditioning plant consists of a compressor and a cooling liquid like Freon gas. Cooling liquid evaporates in the cooling coil. The vapor is then carried to the electrically-operated compressor. It then goes to the condenser where it is cooled by air or water as it passes through the radiator. Here the vapor changes to a liquid, giving up heat in the process. The compressor thus serves to transfer heat from one place to another. A fan sends the fresh air into the room which keeps the room temperature at the desired degree. The air-conditioner has certain substances which remove the moisture from the room. It also has filters to remove the dust particles from the air. This is how an air-conditioner controls the temperature and humidity and keeps the air clean. We hope you enjoyed this lesson from physics tuition. We will be back with more such interesting findings in our next physics tuition.

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