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Physics tuition – Light

01 Feb Physics tuition – Light

Physics tuition classes in Miracle Learning Centre are easy to understand and help you in the physics tuition application questions. If you do not understand physics in school, you must definitely come for physics tuition classes at Miracle Learning Centre. Let us learn about light in this physics tuition lesson.

Light travels in straight line. Light travels at a speed of 3×10^8 m/s. Light travels faster than sound. Hence we always see the lightning, then we hear the thunder after that. Some objects give out light. The common luminous objects are sun and fireflies. These objects give out light rays.

There are two types of reflection. The first type of reflection is regular reflection. The second type of reflection is diffused reflection. In regular reflection, an image is formed. This is because the rays that fall on the mirror reflects regularly and form an image. The surface of the mirror is a smooth surface. When light falls on rough surface like a book, the light reflected are reflected in all directions and hence no image is formed. That is diffused reflection.

There are two laws of reflection. The first law of reflection is the law of incidence is equal to the law of reflection. The second law of reflection states that the incidence ray, reflected ray and the normal all lie on the same plane. This is necessary so that we can find out where the reflected ray is heading and where the image is formed. We can also learn how to draw the ray diagram and locate the position of the image.

There are different type of lenses, mainly the concave lens and the convex lens. Refraction is the bending of light when light travels from one medium to another medium of different optical density. When light travels from a less dense to a denser medium, it bends towards the normal. For example when light travels from air to glass, it bends towards the normal. When light travels from a more dense to a less dense medium, it bends away from the normal. For example when light travels from glass to air, it bends away from the normal. Refraction explains why a straw in a glass of water appears bent. When a fish appears to be higher than its original position. Hence when you catch a fish we have to catch it at a lower position than what we see.

There are two laws of refraction. The first law states that the ratio of sin i to sin r is a constant when light passes two given medium. This is Snell’s law. The second law of refraction states that incident ray, refracted ray and the normal all lies on the same plane. Refraction is a science and hence it is not a superstition. We place a block of glass on top a piece of paper with words on it, the part with the block of glass on it, the words appear higher than the words on the normal piece of paper. This is due to refraction of light.

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