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Primary maths tuition – multiplication and division tables

Primary maths tuition – multiplication and division tables

For this primary maths tuition lesson, we are going to learn about the multiplication tables.

For primary school maths, it is essential that you know the multiplication tables very well. You are highly encouraged to know the multiplication tables by primary 1 or primary 2. They include multiplication tables from 1 to 10 and if possible include 11 and 12 as well. Take one step at a time.

You can learn multiplication tables from 1 to 5 first, learn it very well then add on 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 gradually. After that you will be confident enough to handle 11 and 12. Multiplication is very important because you will speed the process of adding up different numbers.

Multiplication tables is the foundation in which the higher levels of maths are based on. These includes fractions, ratio and speed that you will be learning later in your primary school life. In primary maths tuition, we highly emphasize that students can do multiplication tables very quickly. The speed in which they think and speed up the time taken for them to complete a question. Parents are highly encouraged to teach multiplication as a daily topic. Simple tasks like buying food in the market can be used as a simple activity to learn the multiplication table. If you want to buy 12 apples, instead of asking your child to pick twelve apples, try asking her to taking 4 multiplied by 3 apples. She will have to think while trying to figure out how many apples you are trying to ask her to pick up. At a bookshop, instead of telling her to take 6 pencils, you can tell her to take 3 multiplied by 2 pencils. Similarly this applies for division. By knowing the multiplication tables very well, you can do division very quickly as well. This exercise is for younger kids. You can modify this technique for different things and facts you would like your child to remember. We, human beings, are creative and innovative people. There are many ways to teach a child something.

Division can be learnt by having many small lego pieces and dividing by twos, by threes and by fours. Children can visually see how division is taking place and hence understand why there is a need to divide. The easiest way is to buy a pizza. To divide a pizza into 4 slices. So that will be one quarter. That will be a little bit more complicated because it has fraction included. If a pizza has 20 slices divided by 5 children, children will need to know how many slices to take. Hence in a party, instead of telling the children how many to take, you can ask the children “How many slices should each of you have so that all of you will have the same number of slices?”

Multiplication and division are essential basics of primary school mathematics. Although there are many other mathematical basics that students need to know, this can be learnt right from the start and parents can easily inculcate the speed and the accuracy of the answer. Miracle Learning Centre Primary maths syllabus teaches multiplication and division at a young age. Join us now by calling 6463 8756! www.miraclelearningcentre.com

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