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Primary Science Tuition at Miracle Learning Centre

Primary Science Tuition at Miracle Learning Centre

Primary Science tuition at Miracle Learning Centre consists of various topics. For lower primary science, we have matter, light and heat energy, diversity which includes plants and animals, life cycles and magnets and more. For upper primary science, we have adaptation, cells, reproduction in plants and animals, forces, energy and more.

For some of these topics, eg magnets, parents can buy magnets for them to play at home. You can also Google online to try out certain experiments using magnets. Some electrical equipment can be seen to use magnets as electromagnets.

Let the children to do some household chores to help students learn and know how a fruit look like and how many seeds it has. The shape and size of the fruit and seed help students learn about seed dispersal in the reproduction chapter as well. For example, students will have the fruits already cut and served to them. They have no idea how certain fruits look like. Parents should allow and encourage kids into the kitchen to cut up a papaya, apple or mango. They will understand that mangoes have a seed and papaya has many seeds, rather than just memorising straight from the textbook.

Other household chores include boiling water. When water boils, there is a change of state from liquid state to gaseous state. You can let them play with ice so they know that it is the same substance but it is in a solid state. Simple things like that can be taught by having fun activities at home and it is time for parents to bond with their kids. You can include more complicated experiments if you managed to Google some on the Internet.

However, primary science tuition is necessary. Other than knowing the science facts, students need to know how to phrase their answers and use specific scientific keywords so that they will be awarded all the marks for science examinations especially in the Primary School Leaving Examination(PSLE). Primary science tuition is important because students can learn science concepts and ignite an interest in them. It will go a long way into secondary schools as they can carry the interest throughout their life. They can also get to learn to differentiate some facts from myths.

Our science tuition worksheets consists of questions that have been categorised into different topics and degree of difficulty. Students are taught step by step methods and how to interpret science questions. After the students are familiar with the various scientific concepts, we will expose them to basic questions followed by challenging questions. By starting with a gradual step by step approach, Miracle Learning Centre’s primary science tuition worksheets progress to challenging science questions. All the science topics are covered in Miracle Learning Centre’s Primary science tuition syllabus. The coverage is comprehensive and specially designed worksheets are given. Besides, we have word search, crossword puzzle, word scramble worksheets too. These are fun worksheets! There are experiments and we do young scientist presentation too. It is not just learning, it is learning with fun and laughter. Join us now. Call 6463 8756 now!