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Primary Science Tuition – Light

Primary Science Tuition – Light

Primary Science tuition at Miracle Learning Centre is fun and interesting. Do join us for this primary science tuition lesson on light.

Light travels in a straight line. When light is blocked by an opaque object, a shadow is formed. Light can be reflected by mirrors which possess a smooth surface. When light bounces on a rough surface like a book, it cannot form an image. However the book reflects light away and into our eyes and hence we can see the book. Light is a form of energy. Luminous objects produce light, for example the sun and fireflies. Non-luminous objects reflect light and allow us to see them. Non-luminous objects includes the table, book, chair and picture frames.

There are many uses of light. Light is taken in during photosynthesis to produce oxygen and glucose from the raw materials, carbon dioxide and water. There are many experiments we can do with light. For example if you are facing a wall, hold a torch shining in front of the wall. Place an opaque object between the wall and torch. You will be able to see a shadow being formed on the wall. Maintain the distance between the torch and the wall. Move the object nearer to the wall. You will notice that the shadow becomes smaller. On the other hand, move the object away from the wall. You will notice the shadow becomes bigger. This is because light travels in a straight line. Try drawing light rays to see how the movement of the object affects the shadow that is formed. When the object moves nearer to the wall, less light is being blocked by the object. Hence the shadow appears smaller. It is easier to see by explaining using a ray diagram.

Try another science experiment. Now place the ball in a fixed position. Move the torch in different directions. For example, move it up, down, left and right, and it is shining at the wall simultaneously. You will notice that the direction and the position of the shadow that is formed also changes when the direction of the torch changes its position. When the torch changes its position, the ray of light is still travelling in a straight line but in different direction. Hence, the shadow formed is in a different position. Try to play around with the torch and the object so that you will know how the direction and the position of the torch changes with the shadow. When you move the torch to the right, the shadow formed is on the left. The torch has to be pointing at the object. Similarly, when you move the torch to the left, the shadow will be formed on the right. Have fun while trying out the different experiments.

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