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Score More With Problem Solving Skills From Our Chemistry Tuition
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28 Jul Score More With Problem Solving Skills From Our Chemistry Tuition

For continuing the academic career, chemistry bridging courses are required and it often makes it very hard for students to get high marks in such courses. this being a requirement for getting accepted in some of the most high profile educational institutes, students can’t take the risk of appearing in that exam unprepared.

Chemistry is considered in general to be a tough subject where students may pass the exam by memorizing things that may not be that easy in the very first place. But without understanding the entire subject, and having a complete hold of the subject, they can’t get high marks just by memorizing everything as in general chemistry is considered to be a very tough subject.

What makes Chemistry so much tough to understand and why students find it very difficult with Chemistry Bridging Course?

Though almost all the science subjects are considered to be tough students are challenged at every step. Singapore’s tuition industry is growing rapidly and according to some surveys, the most popular subject for which students need the additional help of chemistry tuitions to score high marks in Chemistry. In this blog, we will discuss why it is so difficult and why students find chemistry tough.

Everyone believes it to be difficult

Yes, this is the main thing. Most of the students think that chemistry is a very difficult subject because people say it is. But things are not that simple, most of the students have a very vague thought that memorizing things can help them get high marks. This assumption may be true and can work out for some students as students having a good memory can get high marks, but this simple rule is not followed by chemistry and now because of the MOE syllabus and exam system, students are challenged by the scenarios based questions.

You cannot visualize Chemistry

Another problem that lies with understanding the tough concepts of chemistry is that it is not visual. You cannot see molecules and you cannot see the exact chemical reaction or another similar phenomenon. Though the same thing can be said about physic or maths in where there are several things which are not visual but we can actually see maths and physics in our daily life. But there is a solution too which is known as mind mapping.

It is not that safe

Almost the larger portion of the chemical reactions are not that safe to perform at home and without proper equipment, supervision, and guidance. Students can use math in daily life, they can even perform experiments of physics at home and also observe the behavior of different things but with chemistry, things are different.

You need to have problem-solving skills

Like in history, there are many subjects where you need to have a good memory in order to score high marks but problem-solving skills don’t make a difference in here. While a few other subjects like math required these skills, like if you know how to add two numbers then you can add any two numbers. What is of interest in here is that chemistry takes up a place in between these two types where a student needs to have both a good memory along with problem-solving skills.

How to score more in Chemistry?

You need to have a good understanding of the fundamental concepts of chemistry so that you can be able to solve scenario-based questions. Several times, two entirely different parts of chemistry in combined in these questions, and for cases like this memorizing everything simply does not help at all. Students require to have a complete hold over the concepts of chemistry for solving the questions which sometimes appear out of the MOE syllabus. You can take additional help from chemistry tuitions.

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