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Properties Of The 3 States of Matter

Properties Of The 3 States of Matter

As all of you know, Matter exists in three different forms and they all have different properties! So how do we actually differentiate them from one another? In today’s primary science tuition lesson with Miracle Learning Centre, we will be discussing about the properties of these three States of Matter, so stay focus!

Your teacher from Miracle Learning Centre will explain to you about the 3 different kinds of Matter now, let’s go! First of all, we have solid. Solid has a fixed/definite shape, meaning that the shape of a solid will not change by itself if no action is performed on it. Just like a ball of dough, unless we press it or apply pressure on it, it will stay as its original shape, unchanged. Solid also has a fixed/definite volume, meaning that a solid would not be able to compress to occupy a lesser volume.

Secondly, we will discuss about liquid. Liquid has no definite shape, meaning that the shape of the liquid will change based on the shape of the container. When you pour liquid of the same volume into different shaped containers, the liquid will take on the shape of each container, proving that liquid has no definite shape. Similar to Solid, Liquid has a definite volume and cannot be compressed as well.

Lastly, we have Gas. Gas, special as it is, has neither a definite shape nor a definite volume. Similar to Liquid, Gas takes on the shape of its container, just like how the same amount of Gas can flow in different shaped balloons! However, unlike Solid or Liquid, Gas has NO definite volume! This is because Gas can be compressed continuously to fill up a small space.

Joel, a student from the primary science tuition class in Miracle Learning Centre asked, “Can you imagine when you pump air into a fully inflated basketball, how does the ball get harder as you pump more air in?”
The primary science tuition teacher at Miracle Learning Centre replied, “This is because the air within it is being compressed and without having a place to escape to, it can only push against the ball from inside and make the ball harder! It’s fascinating isn’t it?”

Now, after explaining the properties of the 3 states of Matter, we have come to the end of our primary science tuition lesson at Miracle Learning Centre where we provide fun activities and worksheets for all primary science tuition students. We hope you have learnt something new today and we’ll see you at our next science tuition lesson!

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