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What is the property of light Travelling in a straight line?

What is the property of light Travelling in a straight line?

Light travels in a straight line. This is why we are not able to see around a bend or behind a wall.

Light can be reflected. This is the reason why we see ourselves in a mirror. Also we are able to see objects because light is reflected from the object and into our eyes. Most objects do not give off light. When light falls on these objects, it bounces off them. We say that light is reflected by these objects. We can see objects that do not give off light because as long as light falls on them, they reflect light to our eyes. If there is no reflection of light, we would indeed not be able to see any object that does not give off light. For example, the Moon does not give off light. We can see the Moon at night because it reflects sunlight to our eyes.

Some objects can reflect light very well. A mirror is an excellent example of an object that reflects light very well. Golden rings can reflect light very well too. Objects with smooth, shiny and bright-coloured surfaces can reflect more light than those with rough and dark surfaces. This is the reason why steel spoons and aluminium foil can reflect much better than dark towels and charcoal

When light rays hit a mirror, the angle at which they hit the mirror is equal to the angle at which they are reflected. People use reflected light in many ways. For examples, in the car parks, cars, hair salons and departmental stores use mirrors to let people see the images reflected from other places.

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