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PSLE Science Answering Technique

PSLE Science Answering Technique

There are various factors which are lying responsible to score good marks in Science. Starting with proper understanding of the topics, in-depth knowledge and overall solid preparation, there are some other things also which a student must focus on so that the marks can get increased. It is essential to answer the questions of Science exams carefully and effectively. Students often are left clueless about how to answer some tricky Science questions. They often feel that even after proper attention and focus their marks are not being satisfactory. But why is that? This is because of not being able to write the answers properly.

In the extraordinary Science course of Miracle Learning Centre, students are given simplified lessons about each topic, provided with concise notes and are also taught how to answer each question. PSLE Science students cannot use any shortcuts in their science answers. The answer has to be specific, well explained and the correct science keywords must be used.
Science Question: Why will aquatic plants and animals die if there are algae growing on the surface of the water?

Shortcut: There is less sunlight and the plants will die.
Answer: The algae growing on the surface of the water blocks sunlight and decreases the amount of sunlight received by the submerged plants. The rate of photosynthesis decreases and less oxygen and less food is produced by the plant. Eventually, the aquatic plants and animals will die due to lack of food and oxygen.

PSLE science students can reduce shortcuts by asking WHY?
Why did the plants die?
Why was there a lack of food and oxygen?
Why did the rate of photosynthesis decrease?
Why was there less sunlight?
Chain all the parts to fully answer the question.
What makes Miracle Learning Centre different from others?

  • Classes conducted by some of the best teachers of Singapore
  • Notes based learning
  • Study Materials and question suggestions for all students
  • Teaching difficult topics via group activities, games, videos and presentations
  • Doubt clearing sessions
  • Helping students by showing them different answering techniques
  • Short head count in every batch to provide more attention to each students
  • Full coverage of the academic lesson

With this unique approach of teaching, we feel proud to day that we have been able to help out a lot of students who were struggling once and came to our centre seeking help.
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