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How To Score For Structured Questions

How To Score For Structured Questions

It is essential to know the different answering techniques of Science as it is a fundamental subject and there are a lot of challenging and open-ended questions that a student can expect in their examinations. At Miracle Learning Centre when a student enrolls in our courses of secondary science tuition, primary science tuition, IP science tuition they are also showed how to answer the various types of questions.

PSLE Science students need to be very careful and cautious about comparisons asked in the PSLE science questions. You have to clearly address these comparisons in your PSLE science answers showing the comparison between two objects or three objects using the words “more kinetic energy”, “longer distance”, “longest distance”. Science teachers in science tuition classes always emphasize this.

For Comparison:
E.g.1 :Use the word “more” and “less”.
More gravitational potential energy has been converted to more kinetic energy which causes the car to move a longer distance.

E.g.2 : When the question compares two objects, you need to explain about both of them, not just one.

Question: Why is the handle of a cooking pot made of plastic and not metal?
Plastic is a poor conductor of heat but metal is a good conductor of heat. Metal conducts heat quickly and the handle feels hot. Plastic is used as we are able to hold the handle without being scalded.

PSLE Science students need to find out and keep in mind the aim of the experiment in the science question. You need to know the aim to answer the PSLE science question using the correct science keywords.

For example, What is Janice trying to find out?
Look out for the answer in the data given.
Which is the changed variable? What results does it affect?
The changed variable and the result is sometimes the heading of the tabulated results of the experiment.
General: To find out how the changed variable affects the result of the experiment.
E.g.: To find out how the height of a ramp affects the distance moved by the toy car.

PSLE Science students need to identify the relationship between the result and the changed variable.

Relationship is different from aim. You need to deduce from the result of the experiment how the changed variable will affect the result the experiment.

General: The greater/higher/more the changed variable, the slower/faster/greater the result of the experiment.

E.g.: The greater the height of a ramp, the greater the distance moved by the toy car.