Miracle Learning Centre’s Primary Science Course asks the students to question. Science is all about the urge to know more. Our teachers aim to equip students with knowledge and understanding of scientific facts, concepts and principles and focus on processing their skills and answering techniques for free response questions. We try to make our classes interesting by implementing various games, activities and experiments which will never make the students feel bored.

Our batches are always small numbered so that we can provide individual attention to all the students. The teachers are very patient and friendly who never stop until the doubts of the students are completely cleared. Their suggestions and notes are effective and concise which make them ready to face challenging questions. There also weekly doubt clearing sessions and evaluation tests to assess the progress of the students and help them understand and learn from their mistakes.

We are proud to say that our teaching techniques and innovative courses have been helping out students to shine in their academic careers. So if you also want to help your child, achieve success then give a chance to help them understand science better.

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