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Questioning Techniques

Questioning Techniques

Your science tuition teacher wants you to abstain from using shortcuts in their science tuition answers. Science tuition answers have to be specific, well explained and the correct science keywords must be used.

Science Question: Why will aquatic plants and animals die if there are algae growing on the surface of the water?
Shortcut: There is less sunlight and the plants will die.
Your science tuition teacher says : The algae growing on the surface of the water blocks sunlight and decreases the amount of sunlight received by the submerged plants. The rate of photosynthesis decreases and less oxygen and less food is produced by the plant. Eventually, the aquatic plants and animals will die due to lack of food and oxygen.

Science tuition students can reduce shortcuts by asking WHY?
Why did the plants die?
Why was there lack of food and oxygen?
Why did rate of photosynthesis decrease?
Why was there less sunlight?

Chain all the parts to fully answer the science tuition question.