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Reactivity of Metals

Reactivity of Metals

Chemistry tuition classes in Miracle Learning Centre is very useful. If you do not understand chemistry, you must definitely attend the chemistry tuition class at Miracle Learning Centre. Let us learn about reactivity of metals in this chemistry tuition lesson.

Your chemistry tuition teacher at Miracle Learning Centre will teach you about the reactivity of metals. The reactivity series lists metals from the most reactive to the least reactive. The list goes like this: potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, aluminium, zinc, iron, tin, lead, hydrogen, copper, silver, gold. This list is not exhaustive. Just by looking at this list, can you tell why copper, silver and gold are common metals that we see every day but we do not come into contact with potassium or sodium.

This is because sodium and potassium are very reactive metals. When they are exposed to air, they undergo a vigorous reaction with oxygen in the air. Hence they are stored under oil. These reactive metals are stable as compounds. That is why we are so familiar with our common table salt, sodium chloride. Compounds of reactive metals are very stable.

Silver and gold are less reactive metals and hence they can be used to make jewellery because of their shiny appearance. Since they are less reactive, it is safe for anyone to wear it. On the other hand, compounds of silver and gold are unstable and tend to react easily.

The student at Miracle Learning Centre asked, ” Which reaction is more likely to happen: sodium oxide with carbon or copper(II) oxide with carbon? “

The chemistry tuition teacher at Miracle Learning Centre replied, ” From what i taught you earlier, are you able to deduce the answer? The answer is copper(II) oxide is more likely to react with carbon. This is because compounds of less reactive metals are more reactive. Compounds of very reactive metal are more stable.”

Miracle Learning Centre hope you have understood the reactivity of metals and how it helps you to answer chemistry tuition questions. Do come to Miracle Learning Centre for more chemistry tuition lessons to learn more about reactivity of metals and chemistry.

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