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Regain Your Motivation (Recognize Your Progress)

Regain Your Motivation (Recognize Your Progress)

Do you feel that you are starting to lose motivation or even feel that it is completely diminished at this moment?

Often, when this happens to an individual, they will feel frustrated as they are not really moving forward and making any progress. Making progress is one way to feel motivated. But if that’s not the case, it becomes a vicious cycle and you will find it difficult to feel motivated.

Whatever task you are required to complete can be easily divided into smaller segments. To meet most goals, it is quite common to split the entire procedure of accomplishing them into smaller milestones. This will then help to track your progress. But to stay motivated, you need to recognize your progress and not just by tracking it.

Tracking and recognizing your progress is totally different thing. Tracking is merely taking note what stage you have progressed to while recognizing is taking some time to look at a larger picture and understand where exactly you are, and how much work you are left with.

For example, if you are going to revise for examinations, always start by going through the contents that you need to study. By familiarizing and knowing the topics that you need to revise, it will make it easier for you to recognize your progress as you study.

In some way, it seems to be in human nature that we always want to complete everything at one go. If we split complicated tasks into simpler segments, we may not feel the satisfaction unless we complete everything. In many cases, the task may be so immense and it will exhaust all the motivation we have even before we have a chance to achieve what we wanted. Hence, it is always important to take one step at a time and recognize the progress that you have made in order to stay motivated.

It is not that difficult to stay motivated after all, get started by recognizing your progress every now and then and you will not lose your motivation that easily.

It is the responsibility of a teacher to make the students feel motivated and enthusiastic about a subject. Without enjoyment and enthusiasm, a student cannot feel the urge to learn new things. Students now days have to study a lot of things, sit for a lot of tests, work on various home assignments and projects which can be daunting. This can make them feel demotivated.

At Miracle Learning Centre, our courses are designed in such a way that they are bound to make our students feel interested, motivated and energized. If you think that your child needs to be taught in such a way which makes them naturally feel interested in the subject then Miracle Learning Centre is definitely your answer.
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