Regain Your Motivation (Reward Yourself)

01 Feb Regain Your Motivation (Reward Yourself)

It often happens that many people find their motivation diminishing or disappearing completely. Feeling unhappy about doing certain task? Dread the idea of working on some mundane task? Dislike the entire idea of working?

One trick that everyone can adopt to stay motivated would be by rewarding yourself. This seems to be one of the easiest and at the same time most powerful method to stay motivated!

Right from the start, agree on some results which will substantiate you of getting a reward. As soon as you get one of the desired results, it is time to reward yourself with something that you like.

For some simple tasks, just try taking a short break or even relax for a few minutes. For other tougher tasks, you may want to get yourself a cup of drink and even treat yourself to a dessert. For more tedious and demanding tasks, you may want to reward yourself by doing something even more enjoyable, like going to a cinema or taking a trip to some place beautiful to relax, or even buying yourself something that you like.

Every small step counts. Do take time and reward yourself even though it may seem insignificant! The more you reward yourself for the honestly made progress, the more motivated you will feel about reaching new milestones, thus finally accomplishing your goal.

It is actually quite easy to stay motivated after all. Get started by rewarding yourself for every small improvement you made and you will not lose your motivation that easily.

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