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Primary Maths Tuition Question On Model

Primary Maths Tuition Question On Model

If Maths has been bothering you since a very long time, then it’s your time to get up, make a move and join the most innovative classes in Singapore. At Miracle Learning Centre, we are offering the most creative lessons for Maths in which we are targeting to take away the fear of Maths from all the students. We have noticed that almost 80% of the students are likely to face problems in Maths. There are numerous students who even get a shiver down their spine when they hear the name of Maths. This is because they found Maths to be extremely difficult unlike the other subjects of History, geography, etc. Why? Because Maths is a subject which has a pretty straight forward rule. That is that you give it the right technique and the right answer it will provide you with full marks. Maths cannot be memorized unlike the other subjects as no one can surely predict what to expect in the Maths exam. The pattern and question type can be the same but the change of a single digit will change the whole question and make it unique. Apart from that, there are many branches of Maths which are complex and tough for the students and they may refrain from learning it.

At Miracle, we make Maths easy. We believe that every student is capable of doing wonders if they are shown the right way. Our best in class faculty members always try to bring out the fun in Maths and show the students what Maths actually has in stores for them. The main motive is to at first make the students aware of their weaknesses and then help them to overcome those and convert them into strength. Then our teachers show them the easy and simple ways of solving the toughest topics of Maths which will make them be able to regain their lost confidence and will brush up their skills.

We teach our students by various new and unorthodox teaching models. We often teach them through video lectures, presentations, illustrations, models, games, etc which makes our classes exciting and brings in the attention of the students. We show our students various methods to solve a sum and then let them decide to choose the one that they find the easiest.

We also provide our students with model questions which are prepared by our teachers after considering question papers of various Schools of Singapore.
We have classes of secondary maths tuition, primary mathematics tuition, JC maths tuition in Singapore.