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Science and Ethics

Science and Ethics

Science which was once regarded as a dangerous practice is now the main reason for the development of society and human civilization. Science is a fundamental subject and it gives us explanations about every phenomenon that we see around us every day.

The quest to study science and pursue better scientific practices have become more complex over time. Scientists keep coming up with creative ways of improving the discovery process. The pursuit of knowledge and understanding of science has led to a lot of questionable practices. Scientists have long since come to terms with such practices, especially for educational purposes. It still remains however that many people believe that science tuition does not justify some of these intrusive practices.

Natural sciences studies have probably crossed the most ethical boundaries. Ancient beliefs, for instance, had a reverence towards the dead. Modern scientists, however, have taken the opportunity to experiment on cadavers. Dead people are desecrated daily by aspiring medical practitioners in a quest to have a deeper understanding of the human internal mechanisms. Such practices have become both common and recommended as a standard learning process.

Societal laws have mostly focused on human preservation in a ‘survival of the fittest’ setup. This has left the other components of the environment vulnerable. Scientific practices have since caused harm to environments and their fragile ecosystems. Animals are widely used to experiment with. This is widespread across all forms of the industry from beauty products to pesticide manufacturer to medical experiments. These practices indicate a very clear shift in ethical values compared with the early civilizations. Industrial revolutions have also introduced a lot of unethical practices. Toxic waste disposal and air pollution have long since been accepted as a product of industrialization. These practices are unfortunately harmful to both humans and the environment itself. Large corporations have long since perfected loopholes around their ethical obligations in their quest for wealth.

It is critical that a balance is created between scientific practices and ethical standards. Many countries have made an attempt at establishing ethical standards. There are environmental and human advocates that serve as watchdogs for ethical practices. The demands of the modern society consumers have however made these attempts a mammoth task. It is therefore important to introduce ethics to young people during early science tuition. This will hopefully create a generation that is ethically conscious.

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