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Answering Techniques

Answering Techniques

Your science tuition teacher wants you to check your science tuition answers.

For PSLE Science examination, for Section A, check that your crosses and ticks are correct.
Check those MCQ that you are unsure first followed by those that you are certain.
Remember to shade your OAS as you are doing your MCQ.
Check the numbering to ensure that you have shaded the correct answer for every question.

Read your own answer for Section B. Ask so? Ask why? Did I explain everything?
You may have written some answers incorrectly when you were rushing for time.
e.g. lose heat instead of gain heat.
Look at your answer from the science tuition teacher’s point of view. Where are you going to deduct marks? Fill in any missing keywords or explanation.

If these words appear in the PSLE science question, (Name, Give, State, Identify, List,) only a short answer is needed.

If these words appear in the PSLE science question, (Explain, Why, Give a reason, How can you tell) a longer answer is needed.
Look out for the marks given for each science tuition open-ended question.

To get good marks in Science, along with preparation and understanding, it is also required to answer the questions using the right answering technique. Many students despite having great knowledge face problems to score good marks in Science because they don’t have proper ideas about how to answer open-ended questions. With the advancement of time, the syllabus of Science has also been evolving gradually. The Ministry Of Education is trying to make the students employable by making the syllabus industry focused and practical application oriented. And to make this happen, more and more open-ended questions are getting implemented. So it is highly essential for students to be able to answer those questions properly and effectively. A good science tutor is the one who makes the critical topics easy digestible for the students, clears all their doubts and teaches them the correct answering techniques. Miracle Learning Centre is one of the best science tuition in Singapore, which offers Science classes for Primary and Secondary students. In our classes, teachers not only make the learning process easy but also teaches them how to answer open-ended questions. We have some of the best science teachers in Singapore with us who have been helping a lot of students to achieve success. Many students after joining Miracle have been able to jump from C to A.