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Science Examination Tips

Science Examination Tips

Your science tuition teacher wants you to keep calm and take three deep breath if you have not done/seen a science examination question before.
You may see that many of your friends start studying for an exam at the last possible moment and then they are easily able to score great marks. But this may not work in the same way for you. SO don’t leave anything for the last moment. Start preparing as soon as possible for an examination.

When you are studying you need to have a chalked out plan because there are various things that you need to study but the time is also very short, so you need to have a plan like what to study when and study accordingly. There may be some moments when you don’t feel like studying so on those points you need to put in some easy and exciting lessons of your syllabus which will be helpful for you.
You also need to practice on old question papers. This will give you an overall idea about the exam for which you are going to sit for and will also help you to know about what kind of question types and patterns you can expect in your examination. This will also make you aware of the time management and will let you complete your total question paper in very less time.

Think then apply scientific facts, concepts and principles to new types of questions.

Just keep calm and read the question carefully. Tell yourself it is related to something that you have learnt during science tuition classes. Read and think about which science tuition chapter it is related to and think about the facts related to that science tuition chapter. Identify science keywords for that topic.Read the science examination question again carefully. It probably contains some information and some of which you will need to use to help you answer the question. Look out for CLUES in the question.

If you are still clueless about what to write, imagine yourself in that situation or be that thing. What will you do and what will happen? Relate it back to science and use scientific terms to explain your answers.

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