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Science Experiment Week

Science Experiment Week

Science may appear to be a tough subject but there isn’t a day when any of us do not use them in our daily lives. From simple tasks like counting money, using our phones, watching television, cooking food and almost every task that we do uses concepts of Science. Science has an explanation about everything around us. It is arguably one of the most important subjects for any student to learn. Science overlaps with a lot of other subjects like Geography, History, and Economics. Science itself has a lot of branches and sub-branches hence there are a lot of professions which are related to Science. For all these reasons, Science is incorporated in the syllabus of students from a very initial stage of learning.
Science needs to be learned with curiosity and interest. It is a fundamental subject and it requires gradual questioning about the different explanations of Science from the learner and that is the most effective way to learn Science.

We at Miracle Learning Centre, feel that the way these subjects are taught in the various schools and institutions makes it difficult for the students to grasp the concepts of Science. We believe that if the concepts of Science can be illustrated through real-world examples like various experiments, real-life experiences rather than talk of concepts in theoretical terms then students will find it much easier and interesting to learn. Science sharpens the mind and builds the analytical skills which are relevant in all walks of life and they are also the building blocks for some of the biggest career options like Engineering, Medicine, Research, Technology, Finance, Strategy, Consulting, and Management.

At Miracle Learning Centre, we have a special session called Science Experiment week, usually held twice a year after the mid-year and final year exam. During this week, the science students will get to try their hands on many science experiments prepared by our science teachers. These experiments will explain and put in action simple science concepts like pressure, magnetism, electricity and more. Some of the experiments involve the use of commercial kits and some are handmade by our teachers. The students can also come out with their own experiments to share with the class if they so desire. Special instructions and worksheets are provided to explain the experiments. This is a highlight of our science tuition program.

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