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How to make science a fun subject to your child?
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11 Jul How to make science a fun subject to your child?

Science is spread all around us. So, your child must know its importance right from the early years. The only way to achieve this goal is by creating a deep connection between your child and science. This way your child would gradually develop a deep interest in science. We at Miracle Learning Centre will make that possible by providing good-quality science tuition to your kid. Our experienced teachers will make the most of your child’s ability to understand science. With customized science tuition, we ensure that every child falls in love with science.

A sneak peek into some effective tips

The experience of our teachers reflects through the quality of our teaching. That’s why below we have given some tips for concerned parents like you. By following these pointers hopefully you too can make science a fun and interesting subject for your child.

Invoke curiosity

Try to invoke as much curiosity in your child about science as possible. Take your child to places like planetariums, field trips and museums etc. to serve this purpose. As a result, your child will grow the interest to learn and explore science on a regular basis.

Give real-time examples

Convince your child that everything that he or she sees around is derived from science. Show him or her how a seed is growing into a sapling and sapling into a plant. Then, you can exemplify the science behind a vessel of boiling water. Aside, you can also indulge in easy and simple activities. These include melting the ice, boiling a glass of water and subsequently freezing it etc. This way your child can observe the changing forms of water and the science hidden within it.

Know your child’s interest

You should know your child’s areas of interest in science. After that you can buy him or her some relevant components accordingly. By using these elements your child can learn science in the finest possible manner. Just dive down your past memories and you will get the same feeling. There were some cartoon characters whose laboratory had components that equally invoked our interest in science. So, identify your child’s specific interests and bring about relevant elements to him or her.

Begin early

When your kid reaches the age of three, start explaining the easy and simple concepts of science to him/her. This is because kids start understanding simple concepts at this particular age. To complete this task you can use any object nearby you to elucidate the concepts properly. Alternatively, you can use small toys too for explaining these concepts to your kid. Say for example, you can make a boat with a sail in it. Subsequently, you can tell your child that how the sail is changing the boat’s direction depending on the wind flow.

Answer all the questions patiently

During the process of learning science, your child will quite naturally ask you a lot of questions. So, make sure that you answer each of his or her questions properly no matter how peculiar they are. As a result, your child will become more interested and enthusiastic than before about what he or she is learning. So, the more you answer your child’s questions, the more fun and enjoyable your child will find science as a subject.

Time to sign off!

So, keep the pointers in mind given above. These tips are worthy enough as they have been devised by our team of ingenious science tutors. Plus, get your child enrolled at Miracle Learning Centre as we’re considered the best tuition centre across the entire Singapore.