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Science Tells You Why The Sky Is Blue

Science Tells You Why The Sky Is Blue

The dictionary meaning of Science is “knowledge attained through study or practice”. But what does this really mean? Science refers to a system of acquiring knowledge by the use of various observations and experimentation to describe and explain the natural phenomena. Why should we study Science? Why has been it implemented in our syllabus from the very initial stages? What if I want to study non-science streams so why am I taught Science? We know that these types of questions often come to your minds but you cannot always find an answer to them. Science is present in our daily lives in various ways. We all use mobile phones, laptops, vehicles for transport and many other things everyday and these are all based on the concepts of Science. Science which was once feared to be a curse for the society is now cherished as the best gift for the human civilization. Science has a lot of branches which makes it a building block for many future professions like Engineering, Medicine, Finance, Technology, Construction, etc. Science has direct and indirect connections with various other subjects like Geography, History, and Economics, etc.

Science offers us a better understanding of the world around us. We are curious about many things, how did life begin? Why do we breathe? Why is the sky blue? Science answers these questions based on evidence and investigation. When we understand this we appreciate and learn to love learning more about science. Let’s take a look at why the sky appears blue to us.

The question was raised by some very famous people and studied from the time of Aristotle onwards. The answer comes from a combination of information from two branches of science, physics, and biology. Let’s look at how physical science explains it. The way the sky is perceived depends on how the particles in the atmosphere absorb and scatter light. The light of the sun ranges from the violet end of the spectrum to the red. The violet rays tend to be high energy and have more ability to scatter than red and hence mostly blue-violet colors gets scattered.

Coming to how biology explains this. Science tells us, through biological studies and investigation that color around us is perceived through the cone cells in the eyes. These cones can perceive light close in wavelength as mostly a single discrete unit. Hence the blue-violet shades are seen by our eyes as blue-white, making the sky appear to be a blue vast expanse.

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