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Science Tuition for Chemistry Hounds

Science Tuition for Chemistry Hounds

Students love and enjoy thoroughly the lessons when they are taught by various analogies and real-life examples. A good teacher must motivate the students to make them enthusiastic and encouraged about a subject so that they can learn more and more new things with natural interest. We always implement exciting models, videos, illustrations, games, fun facts, etc in our classes to garner more interest of the students in our lessons. We offer innovative classes of secondary science tuition, primary science tuition, IP science tuition for the students of Singapore.

One of the most enjoyed parts of our lessons is the facts sessions.

Hi, and welcome back to your Science Tuition. We are glad to help our chemistry hounds by providing them with new and exciting facts each day.

Today in Science Tuition we are going to continue with our daily dose of chemistry facts. So let’s start gulping:

  1. Ever wondered how the periodic table is made or arranged? Did you think it was organized according to Sir Dimitri Mendeleev’s mood? Hehe, no; the chemical elements of the periodic table are organized in increasing order of the atomic number. He created the periodic table of elements essentially as a giant cheat sheet. He had to submit a description for all chemical elements at St. Petersburg State University. But he did not have much time so he simply lapped together a large data set of atomic weight. This is why the table is ordered by atomic weight.
  2. Any idea, what is the softest mineral in the world? Well, let us give you a hint; we use it in our everyday life. Can’t guess? The answer is talc. It is also known as soapstone; it’s a silicate which contains magnesium, a little bit of water with silica and oxygen.
  3. The next fact may come to you as a shock but it is true. Hot water can freeze faster than cold water. And then again cold water can be heated up quicker than making hot water evaporate!
  4. Adult humans are typically made up of approximately 60% water however at birth, we consist of nearly 80% water!! After one year the water content drops to 65%, and as the child ages, it stabilizes at 60%.
  5. We all love the fresh, clean smell after a good thunderstorm. This is due to the chemical reaction lightning has on the earth when it strikes. When lightning strikes, it creates ozone by fracturing oxygen molecules, and release a smell into the air that lingers.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned in to Science Tuition to know more of such exciting facts.