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Light energy and sources

07 Feb Light energy and sources

Energy is the ability to do work. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Energy can only be converted from one form to another. Energy is needed for survival. Every living thing needs energy to live and non-living things such as cars also needs energy to move and transport you to different places. Most of the energy on earth comes from the sun. Hence the sun is a source of energy. The sun is important as it keeps living things alive on earth. The sun indirectly provides us with energy, for our daily activities.

Light is a form of energy. Light is important and without light we are not able to see or work. Certain man-made satellites would not be able to work and you’ll not be able to enjoy television. We are able to see because light enters our eyes. We can see some things by the light that they give out. We call them primary sources of light. Examples of these things are the sun, fluorescent lamps and television. Other things that do not send out light, can still be seen by us by the light they reflect into our eyes.

Light sources are anything that is able to give off light on its own. Light sources can be classified into natural and artificial. Examples of natural light sources are the Sun, Stars and Fire. Examples of artificial light sources are torches, electric bulbs and burning fuels (coal, wood etc.).

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