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Effective way to make magnets stronger with electricity

Effective way to make magnets stronger with electricity

Magnets have varying strength. Some can be stronger or weaker than the others. In order to test which one magnet is stronger, you can set up an experiment with 2 bowls of thumbtacks. Using a magnet each in each bowl put the magnet closely to the thumbtacks. The magnet that attracts the most thumbtacks is the stronger of the 2 magnets.

Steel is harder to magnetise but does not lose its magnetism as quickly as iron. A magnet loses its strength on impact such as being hammered or dropped onto a hard surface. Heating a magnet also causes the magnet to lose its magnetism.

Magnets which are found naturally are called lodestones. Magnets can also be made out of magnetic materials, such as nickel, iron, cobalt and steel, which have magnetic properties. You can make magnets by stroking, using electricity or induction.

For stroking, you need a magnet and a magnetic object such as an iron rod. First, stroke the iron rod with one end (pole) of the magnet. Then, repeat the stroking process for about 15 times using the same end in the same direction. Test the newly made magnet on some iron fillings or paperclips. If it attracts the fillings, the iron rod is magnetized and can act as a magnet. The end of the rod which last touched the North pole becomes the South pole and vice versa.

For using electricity, you will need a battery, electrical wire and an iron rod. Coil the iron rod with the electrical wires for about 5 rounds and connect the ends of the wire to the battery. The iron rod is then ready to be used as a magnet. This type of magnet is called an electromagnet and loses all its magnetism when there is no current in the wire or it is removed from the coil. Magnets made this way can vary its strength by the number of coils around the magnet and the number of batteries used.

For induction, you will need a magnet and a magnetic object such a nails. Bring the magnet to the nail and which will be attracted. The nail is now magnetized and is ready to be used as a magnet.

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