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Nitrogen Facts

Nitrogen Facts

When a student feels connected with a subject, then only he or she can learn it with full potential. Science is such a subject which has a lot of fun in it. This subject needs to be learned with curiosity and interest. It demands the learners to question the various explanations of Science and by that students can learn it with the most effectiveness. But the way in various schools and institutions Science is taught, it takes away all the fun from the subject and makes it bland and boring. At Miracle Learning Centre, you will get to learn the toughest topics of Science through various fun facts and analogies.

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Hi, and welcome back to Science Tuition. We are back again for our science lovers. Hope you have a good time learning with us.

Today in our Science Tuition we are going to explore some facts about nitrogen. Let’s inhale them:

  1. The chemical symbol for nitrogen is N, and its atomic number is 7.
  2. It’s a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas under normal conditions.
  3. It is present is there in all living things.
  4. Saturn’s largest moon, named Titan, has an atmosphere mostly entirely made up of nitrogen (98%).
  5. You might have heard about the laughing gas that is the nitrous oxide (N20), well it’s a form of nitrogen and is used in hospitals and dental clinics as an anesthetic. This gas is also used in racing cars for obtaining more horsepower and speed.
  6. Nitrogen compounds like nitric acid (HNO3) and ammonia (NH3) are used as fertilizers.
  7. Nitrogen makes up around 78% of the air you breathe.
  8. Nitrogen gas is used in food storage to keep packaged or bulk food fresh. It is also used in making electronic parts, for industrial purposes and has many other useful applications.
  9. Nitrous oxide is considered as a greenhouse gas and air pollutant. By weight it has nearly 300 times more impact than carbon dioxide.
  10. Nitrogen gas is in a liquid state when at a very low temperature. Liquid nitrogen boils at 77 kelvin (-196 degree Celsius). It is easily transported and has many useful applications like storing items at cold temperatures in the field of cryogenics, as a computer coolant, removing warts and much more.

Well, that’s all on nitrogen in our today’s Science Tuition. We will see you soon with more of such amazing facts. Till then stay tuned.