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Science Tuition on Carl Wilhelm Scheele

Science Tuition on Carl Wilhelm Scheele

Hello and welcome back to your Science Tuition. For all our chemistry lovers out there, we hope you are enjoying our fact lessons on chemists.

In this Science Tuition lesson, today we are about to learn more about Carl Wilhelm Scheele.

Carl, born on 9th of December 1742, was a Swedish Pomeranian and German pharmaceutical chemist. His formal education ended at age 14 when he was apprenticed to a pharmacist in Gothenburg. In this shop, Scheele’s scientific education began. He is well known in the chemistry world for the discovery of absorption of gases by charcoal. He also discovered various chemical elements and compounds like manganese, chlorine, tartaric acid, glycerin, molybdenum, barium, and lactic acid. But this is not how he is remembered today; his name is much talked about while discussing oxygen. Apparently, the publication of his work was delayed by two years, and in that duration, John Priestley got the recognition for the discovery of oxygen. But the fact is, Carl had already discovered the element two years before that. Well, that is a mind-blowing fact, right?

In 1775 Scheele was admitted to the Royal Swedish Academy of Science. He was the only apothecary’s assistant to be so honored. This same year he also achieved his lifelong ambition which was to open his own pharmacy in the small town of Koping. Although the time he could devote to his scientific research was reduced, he continued to work in a makeshift wooden laboratory behind the shop. By 1782 he had prospered sufficiently to build himself a new house and laboratory. However, he was not able to enjoy this newfound prosperity for long as he died on May 26, 1786.

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