Science Tuition on Hudson Maxim

21 Sep Science Tuition on Hudson Maxim

Hello and welcome back to Science Tuition. We hope you have been enjoying your classes and learning about various famous chemists and their contributions each day.

So in this Science Tuition lesson, let us widen our knowledge about the chemistry world and learn about one more scientist. Let us investigate Hudson Maxim today.

Born on February 3, 1853, Hudson was a U.S. inventor as well a chemist. He is on the list of the famous chemists as he is the one who invented varieties of explosives, including smokeless gunpowder. He was also referred as “the most versatile man in America” by Thomas Edison. His brother was the inventor of the Maxim gun while his uncle invented the Maxim Silencer. He is a writer as well; his career started in 1881 as the publisher of Real Pen Work – Self Instructor in Penmanship, and During World War I, he wrote a book, Defenseless America. He has also written The Science of Poetry and the Philosophy of Language. Hudson lost his left hand in a mercury fulminate explosion during his experimental career.

That is all for today, stay tuned on Science Tuition to learn more.


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