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Science Tuition on Properties of Solid, Liquid and Gas

05 Sep Science Tuition on Properties of Solid, Liquid and Gas

Hi class, and welcome back to your science tuition. Hope you have been enjoying our classes and practicing your science theories and concepts.

Now, when we talk about different states of matter, how can you distinguish between each state? To know the answer to the above question, we need to know the properties of each one of them. So in today’s science tuition, we are going to learn about the properties of three states of any matter, that is, solid, liquid and gas.

Let us begin with solid. This is because the particles of solids are locked into place, solids have a definite shape and a definite volume. The solid matter cannot flow around easily because of its particle matter, as they cannot move past one another. Lastly, solids cannot be compressed easily, as the space between the particles is very less.

In solid, particles are held together by strong forces. They have a regular arrangement. The particles are in fixed positions and they vibrate about these fixed positions. This explains why they have a fixed shape and volume. In liquid, particles are held together by strong forces but slightly weaker than in solid. They have a random arrangement. The particles slide over one another. This explains why they have a fixed volume but no fixed shape. In gas, particles are held together by weak forces. They have a random arrangement and the particles move about at high speed. This explains why they have no fixed shape and no fixed volume.

In some science tuition classes, they teach about the five states of matter. Have you heard of that? Is it something new to you?

These are the five states of matter. They are solid, liquid, gas, plasma and Bose-Einstein condensates.

Read up about them when you are available.

Stay tuned to our science tuition in order to learn about solid, liquid and Gas.

Science is not just a building block for various exciting professions like Engineering, Medicine, Finance, etc but it is also the subject that is involved in many ways in all of our lives. The toothpaste and toothbrush that we use the first thing in the morning, the mobile phone, the laptop, the car, the bus that we use to travel are all based on various concepts of Science. Science gives us answers about all the things around us and it is extremely important to learn Science as it develops our skills which help us to live a better life.

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