Science Tuition on Rosalind Franklin

21 Sep Science Tuition on Rosalind Franklin

Hi and welcome back to your Science Tuition. We are never out of facts and information for our chemistry lovers out there. Hope you have been enjoying our lessons.

Continuing with the Science Tuition lesson on the famous chemists, today we will learn more about Rosalind Franklin.

Rosalind Franklin was born on 25th July 1950. She is from England and is a renowned chemist famous for her pioneering work in the field of X-ray crystallography.

During one of her studies, she acquired the knowledge about the technique of x-ray crystallography, and she was intrigued by its scope, and that is when she decided on pursuing a career in this field. To understand the changes occurring at the molecular level in carbon when its state is changed, she used the x-ray imagery of coal. And later she presented her significant discovery which was on the structure of the DNA molecule.

That is all for today in Science Tuition. Stay tuned to know more.


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