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Science Tuition Presents Alfred Nobel

Science Tuition Presents Alfred Nobel

Hello and welcome back to your Science Tuition. As you know, we are in the process of learning about the various Chemists. So keeping up with the pace, in this Science Tuition lesson, let us explore Alfred Nobel.

Well, you sure might have heard this name, if not Alfred, Nobel for sure. Yes, you have guessed it correctly; the Nobel prizes are given in his name only. So to redeem his reputation, he left a major portion of his massive wealth for the creation of the international prize fund for honoring eminent personalities.

He was a Swedish inventor, engineer as well an industrialist. He is well known in the chemistry world as he invented dynamite and he also developed some more powerful and detonators to ignite them effectively. His dynamite was used by the world as a whole to erupt tunnels, building roads and cutting canals.

So, let’s check out some very fascinating facts about Alfred Nobel,
His father was also a very famous inventor. Alfred Nobel’s father Immanuel Nobel was also a great genius and he also made some very famous inventions. He invented the rotary lathe which is used in manufacturing modern plywood.

Alfred Nobel was very much interested in explosives from an early age. Alfred wanted to research about nitroglycerin a highly explosive liquid which was too dangerous for practical use. He worked together with his father to develop nitroglycerin as a commercially useful substance.

As we mentioned above that the Nobel prize fund is awarded from the immense wealth left by Alfred Nobel, but how did he make so much money? In 1875 he invented Gelignite or blasting gelatine which was easily moldable, safe to handle without protection and a more powerful than dynamite. He patented his invention in 1876 and Gelignite became a standard technology for mining which brought Nobel a great amount of financial success.

Alfred Nobel was called the merchant of death. He was given this nickname by a French newspaper as they described him as a man who made his fortune by making explosives which were used in warfare and was the reason of death for many people.

In his will, Alfred Nobel left 94% of his total assets of 31,225,000 Swedish Kronor which is equivalent to approximately 250 million U.S. dollars to establish five Nobel Prizes for outstanding achievements in physics, chemistry, medicine, and literature and for working toward peace. It is believed that he was convinced by his ex-lover Bertha Kinsky to include the Nobel peace prize.

That is all on today’s Science Tuition. Stay tuned to learn more.

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