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Science Tuition Presents Daniel Rutherford

Science Tuition Presents Daniel Rutherford

Science Tuition Presents Daniel Rutherford

Greetings and welcome back to Science Tuition. We are back to feed chemistry lessons to our chemistry addicts.

So continuing our latest topic, which is famous chemists and their discoveries, in this Science Tuition lesson we are going to study about Daniel Rutherford.

He was born on 3 November 1749 and was a Scottish physician, chemist as well a botanist. The reason behind his popularity in the chemistry world is because of his discovery and the isolation of the nitrogen gas. To perform his experiment, he first took a container with a confined quality of air and trapped a mouse inside that, until it died as the air ran out. Secondly, he burnt a candle until it was extinguished and for the final step, he burned phosphorus until it would not burn anymore. Then the remaining gas was passed through an alkaline solution for the removal of carbon dioxide. The residual gas was called as “noxious air” or “phlogisticated air” for the reason that it would not support life or combustion. He believed that this gas was given out by the mouse while breathing. Today we call the same gas Nitrogen.
In modern era Nitrogen is used in industries for steelmaking and it is also used to preserve the freshness of packaged or bulk foods as Nitrogen delays rancidity and other forms of oxidative damage. Nitrogen is also used in central processing units and other devices in a computer that are overclocked and that produce more heat.

After discovering Nitrogen Rutherford did not make any more major discoveries in Chemistry as he then turned into a successful career in academic botany and medicine.

Well, that was an interesting experiment. Stay tuned on Science Tuition to learn more.
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