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Science Tuition Presents Dmitri Mendeleev

Science Tuition Presents Dmitri Mendeleev

Hello and welcome back to your Science Tuition. We hope you have been enjoying and sharing the learned chemistry with your friends and classmates as well.

So, continuing with our latest topic in our Science Tuition classes, which is about exploring the various chemists; today we are doing our investigation of Dmitri Mendeleev.

Whosoever has seen, read and knows about the periodic table, has heard about Dmitri Mendeleev and for sure would have thought who it to come up with such a brilliant idea is. It is an excellent idea because we know how much one struggles while reading and memorizing the table, but have you ever wondered what if the table was not arranged in a systematic order?

So thanks to Dmitri Mendeleev, as he was the one to publish the first periodic table, and arrange the chemical elements in order of their atomic weight. And not just arrange, he even left some gaps for the undiscovered elements which fit appropriately in his table.

Well, that’s not all; check out these amazing facts about Mendeleev which you may have never known before –

Mendeleev had 17 siblings!! Among them, only 14 stayed alive and the rest died at birth.

His father was a teacher but he lost his job after he became blind.

Mendeleev was rejected for acceptance by the University of Moscow.
He received his Doctor of Science for his dissertation on the “Combinations of Water with Alcohol”.

Mendeleev helped to found the first oil refinery in Russia as he studied the composition of petroleum.

Mendeleev believed that new elements would be found which he was assured due to his understanding of the properties of elements based on their atomic weight and valance. But many scientists dismissed this idea until the discovery of gallium and germanium in 1875 which perfectly fit into the two missing spaces.

Mendeleev also invented pyrocollodion which is a kind of smokeless powder based on nitrocellulose. This work was commissioned by the Russian Navy but they didn’t adopt its use.

Stay tuned on your Science Tuition for more of such information.

Dmitri Mendeleev, the name which comes in our minds when we hear about the periodic table. But there are many more things about him other than the periodic table which you may have not known before. In our classes, we go beyond the academic syllabus and bring to you amazing facts which are enriching yet exciting that will give you the boost for learning more.

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