Science Tuition Presents Michael Faraday

21 Sep Science Tuition Presents Michael Faraday

Hi and welcome back to your Science Tuition. As you know, lately we have been discussing various chemists, hope you have been gaining knowledge through our classes and sharing them as well.

So proceeding with our topic, today we are about to investigate our famous chemist Michael Faraday.

Michael was born on 22nd September 1791; he is a British physicist and chemist. He was known as one of the most prolific scientists of the 19th century. His contribution to the chemistry world began while he was working as an assistant to Davy. His primary involvement was in the study of chlorine. While he was conducting experiments on the diffusion of gases, he succeeded in liquefying several gases. One of his most significant works is the invention of the earliest form of Bunsen burner. He also discovered two new components in chlorine and carbon, while one of them is used in smoke grenades, the other one is employed in the arena of dry cleaning, and spot removing.

Quite a man isn’t it? Stay tuned on Science Tuition for more such information.


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