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Our Sense Organs

Our Sense Organs

Have you ever wondered why do most animals possess eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin? Are you interested in knowing how these 5 sense of organs aid us humans in daily lives? Then stay with us for today’s primary science tuition lesson with Miracle Learning Centre as we will be discussing about our senses.

Only with the help of these five sense organs then will we be able to learn about the world we live in and observe the changes around us.

With our eyes, we are able to differentiate colours, distance as well as the level of brightness. With all this different aspects of eye then are we able to see our favourite characters on television. Acquiring our sense of sight which enables us to see coloured images and videos. Otherwise our life will not be so colourful and fun!
The coloured area around the pupil is called the iris, it controls the size of the pupil and can be coloured brown, blue, green or other colours and shades depending on the person. The information our eyes receive is sent to our brain along the optic nerve. This information is then processed by our brain and helps us make appropriate decisions, for example if you can see an object flying in your direction then you will probably move quickly out of the way. Like humans, some animals have eyes placed close together that allow for improved depth perception, others have eyes spread further apart to allow for a greater field of view and an early warning against potential predators.

Other than our sense of sight, our sense of hearing is very important as well. Our ears enables us to differentiate the volume and pitch of sounds, locate the source of sound and its direction. This is only possible as our ear serves as a medium to capture sound that passes through air as invisible waves and sends the message to the brain. Your ears are responsible for the sense of hearing. Vibrations travels from the outer to the inner ear, are translated into sound and finally transmitted to the brain, which uses them to determine the direction and distance of the sounds. In Miracle Learning centre’s science tuition classes, we do simple experiments to demonstrate how different frequency of sound can be heard. We fill cups with different volume of water and blow on the surface. The sound produced is of different frequency and they can try to hum to a tune!

The sense of smell is mainly due to our nose. Our nose is used for more than just breathing in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide – it is also the organ we use to smell things and as an aide to the sense of taste. Our sense of smell can identify different categories of odours.

Our sense of taste enable us to taste the different types of food like curry, chilli crab, salted chicken, pork ribs and many more. Our tongue contains taste buds that enable us to experience different flavours and identify the temperature and texture of the food you eat. It also lets us pick up combinations of flavours such as bittersweet, sweet-sour and others.

Sense of touch protects us from our cold and hot surroundings. If there is an accident, we will be able to tell the impact on our body due to our sense of touch. Our skin and other body parts contain nerve endings that transmit messages to the brain as soon as we touch something. Our fingertips contain a larger amount of nerve endings and are therefore especially sensitive to the sense of touch. When we touch a hot object, we will withdraw your hand immediately. This reflex protect us from being scalded.

In Miracle Learning Centre, we do different experience our 5 sense organs too. Blindfolding in a safe environment helps us to understand how the blind feel and move about in their daily activities. Tasting different types of food and food with different taste during science tuition lessons helps students to understand the positions on the tongue that detect these taste too. Science tuition lesson in Miracle Learning Centre is fun and you can come and join in the fun too!

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