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Science Tuition Presents Thomas Graham

Science Tuition Presents Thomas Graham

Hello and welcome back to your Science Tuition. We are glad to feed our chemistry lovers with the best chemistry facts.

Continuing with our topic on the famous chemists and their contributions, in this Science Tuition lesson we are going to learn more about Thomas Graham.
Born on 20 December 1805, Graham was a British chemist. He is regarded as the father of colloid chemistry. And he is famous for his pioneering work in dialysis and the diffusion of gases. He is known for his studies on the behavior of gases the result of which formulated two relationships; the first one was regarding gas diffusion, and the second one was regarding gas effusion. These two are sometimes referred to as combined law (describing both phenomena). He compared the different rates at which a variety of gases disperse through some absorbent pots. And he also evaluated the rate of effusion through a tiny hole.

In 1829, Graham published a paper on the diffusion of gases. The major part of the observations on this subject was made by Johann Dobereiner and Joseph Priestley but Graham formulated the law of diffusion. Graham compared the different rates at which gases diffuse through some porous pots and he also compared the rate of effusion via a tiny aperture. He then concluded that the rate of effusion or diffusion of a gas at a constant temperature is simply inversely proportional to the square root of its density which is popularly known as the Graham’s Law.

In 1860 Graham examined liquids and he noted that colored sugar solution placed at the bottom-most part of a glass of water gradually extends its color upward. This process was called diffusion. He also noted substances like gelatine, glue, albumen and starch diffuse slowly. He classified substances into two types: crystalloids, substances that diffuse quickly, and colloids, substances that diffuse slowly.
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Science is not just a compilation of laws and principles, there are much more into it. There various personalities of Science who have made some remarkable discoveries in Science which made our lives easier. But the most interesting part is how these scientists reached their destination. The hardships, the struggles and the observations that led them to the top are pretty exciting and motivational.

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