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Thought Provoking Chemistry Facts

Thought Provoking Chemistry Facts

Hello, and welcome back to your Science Tuition. Today we are here to blow you away with some of the chemistry facts which will make you scratch your head off and fall in love with the subject even more.

So are you ready for today’s Science Tuition? Eager to learn some knowledgeable and interesting chemistry facts? Well, let’s bring them on:

  1. Can you guess the alphabet which does not appear in the periodic table? Is it A? Or E? Or V? Well, the answer is ‘J’; J is the only alphabet which does not show up on the periodic table.
  2. Do you know which are the only two elements that are liquid in room temperature? That’s right, its Bromine and Mercury. Well, there is one more addition to the list, we all know the element Gallium; gallium can be melted by the warmth of your hand, just take a lump of it and keep it in your palm.
  3. As we know water expands when it is frozen. But did you know that an ice cube increases up by 9% of the original volume? Now you do.
  4. Salt absorbs water. Yes, you read that right. If you take a handful of salt and add it to a glass of full water, instead of the water overflowing from the glass, the water level will actually decrease
  5. Oxygen is blue in colour. Surprised? While oxygen is colourless when it is in the form of gas, in its solid and liquid state, oxygen is blue in colour. We need oxygen to breathe. Without oxygen, combustion cannot take place. Oxygen composition in the air is about 21%.
  6. One inch of rain is equal to 10 inches of snow but when the snow is wet or combined with freezing rain or ice at times, the ratio may be lowered to 3-5 inches per one inch of rain.
  7. Honey never goes bad. Due to its abnormally high sugar levels, it only crystallizes when left unattended for longer periods of time.

We hope you enjoyed reading these facts in your today’s Science Tuition. Stay tuned and we will be back with more fascinating facts.

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