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Science Tuition Through Experimentation

Science Tuition Through Experimentation

Science education has been formalised and simplified into specialised subjects. Understanding scientific concepts for application in daily life has become the main focus of science tuition. It is therefore important to refine the science teaching methods. Given a good approach to science education, students should be able to understand their environment. They should also be able to apply basic scientific concepts in their everyday life.

Most scientific concepts are based on observable natural phenomena. A practical example of this is the force of gravity. It is easy to appreciate gravitational force just by throwing an object into the air and observing its behavior. This ultimately means that the appreciation of scientific concepts is best done through experimentation. Ultimately, experimentation becomes an effective education tool for concept delivery. Experimentation helps to explain abstract concepts and give practical meaning to scientific facts.

Some science facts cannot be readily tested or investigated in an obvious manner like gravity. These require laboratory setups and more complex experimentation in order to reach definite conclusions. These detailed experiments are very beneficial to the learning process. They actually improve students’ appreciation of scientific principles. By conducting extensive experimenting processes, students can better retain and consolidate information. This is more effective as compared to a theoretical approach to science tuition.

It is important to note however that not all scientific principles can be verified by experimentation. This is common to both social and natural sciences facts. Natural phenomena tend to be unique more often than not. This automatically means that perfectly similar characteristics between any two naturally occurring items can be impossible. General characteristics can however still be established based on scientific principles. For instance, the genetic reproduction of a crop variety can be used to multiply a particular plant. The produced plants, however, are not completely guaranteed to perform exactly as their gene source. This, therefore, leaves a window for error or failure. Scientific concepts mismatch is even more apparent in social sciences where aspects such as human behavior are concerned. Despite having an established and expected pattern, human behavior will still remain unique to each individual.

Science is an amazing subject which works as a building block for many exciting professions like Engineering, Medicine, Finance, Consultation, Research, etc. But not many students can see through it and enjoy it which may be because of the way they are taught the complex topics of Science in school. At Miracle Learning Centre we always look forward to bring back the lost interest of our students towards the subject and make the lectures exciting yet enriching.

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