Science Tuition – Time Travel

21 Sep Science Tuition – Time Travel

Hi and welcome back to your Science Tuition. Today, we are here with some new topics for our chemistry lovers.

Are you aware of the chemists who invented and discovered different elements? No right? So in this Science Tuition lesson, let us time travel and go to the birth of chemistry.

Well, let us start by learning about the father of the modern chemistry. The father of the modern chemistry is Antoine Lavoisier. He was a French Men born on 26th August 1743. He is a renowned figure as he is the one who recognized one of the essential elements, oxygen. Not only that, but he also recognized the significance of oxygen in the process of combustion. He illustrated the relation between oxygen and metal which results in rust. And it was he who showed the composition of hydrogen and oxygen in the water and stated that air mainly includes oxygen and nitrogen.

Hope you enjoyed our today’s Science Tuition on Monsieur Antoine Lavoisier. Stay tuned for more facts and information.


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