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Classification of Animals

Classification of Animals

Science is an important subject for every student around the world. The entire development of the world depends on Science. It is a dynamic subject and has a lot of branches and sub-branches and created a path for many other subjects. Students who want to excel in Science should learn it with curiosity and eagerness. But it can be easily observed that many students don’t feel excited about science.

Science tuition class in Miracle Learning Centre is fun and enriching. You will learn about the different aspects of Science and how to learn study skills too. If you do not like or understand science, you must definitely attend the Science tuition class at Miracle Learning Centre to arouse and reignite your interest. Let us learn about the Classification of Animals in this Science tuition lesson.

Animals are classified into vertebrates and invertebrates. Vertebrates are animals with a spinal cord surrounded by cartilage or bone. Vertebrates include fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. A vertebrate is an animal with a spinal cord surrounded by cartilage or bone. The word comes from vertebrae, the bones that make up spines. Animals that are not vertebrates are called invertebrates. Vertebrates include birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals. There are different parts of the vertebrate skeleton. Some examples of vertebrates are mammals, birds, and fish. A few tens of thousands of species have been identified. Most are fish. Sharks, and related skates and rays, are vertebrates with cartilage instead of bones.

Invertebrates are animals that do not have a spinal cord or backbone. It can be classified into two groups, animals with jointed legs or animals without legs. Animals with jointed legs can be further classified into animal with 3 pairs of legs like bees and ants or animal with more than 3 pairs of legs like spiders and prawns.

On the other hand, animals without legs can be further classified into worm like or not worm like. Not worm like animals would include starfish and basket fish where their bodies are radically symmetrical with five-star body design. Worm like animals can be further classified into segmented bodies like earthworms or without segmented bodies like roundworms.

Miracle Learning Centre would like to bring you more facts on Science tuition concepts and experiments. We hope you have understood this Science tuition lesson. Science tuition lessons are created to help students excel and we believe “You are a MIRACLE!” and you can do it too.

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