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Energy Transfers

07 Feb Energy Transfers

Science tuition class in Miracle Learning Centre is fun and enriching. You will learn about the different aspects of Science and how to learn study skills too. If you do not like or understand science, you must definitely attend the science tuition class at Miracle Learning Centre to arouse and reignite your interest. Let us learn about energy transfers in this science tuition lesson.

A food chain shows the transfer of energy in the form of food through organisms in an ecosystem. It also shows predator-prey relationships. A food chain starts with the producer, the only organism in a food chain, which makes its own food. Plants are the primary food producers in many food chains. Consumers are other links in the food chain that do not make their own food, but consume plants or other organisms. Primary consumers feed directly on the producer, secondary consumers feed on the primary consumer, and tertiary consumers feed on secondary consumers. Several interconnected food chains form a food web.

Energy is being passed along a food chain. As energy passes along a food chain, the amount of energy transferred gradually decreases. This is because energy is used for carrying out the life processes of the organisms in the food chain and some is lost to the environment.

An example would be the sheep eating the grass. Energy stored in the grass is passed to the sheep. But some of the energy that is in the grass is lost through firstly, food that are not digested but passes out of the body as waste, taking its energy with it. Secondly, during respiration, energy is released for life processes and for activities such as moving and breathing. Some energy is also lost to the surrounding through heat.

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